Welcome to Fund an Eagle, a financial assistance funding platform for Eastern University students!

As a future or current Eastern University student you can utilize the Fund an Eagle platform to create and launch your own crowdfunding campaign. These funds will help you achieve your educational goals by paying down your remaining tuition, fees, room and board balance. You can share your campaign with friends, family, and social network to raise money for your college investment.

How does it work? Campaigns can be created in four easy steps and all funds raised are applied directly to your student account to cover your tuition, fees, room, and board balance.

1. Begin your Fund an Eagle crowdfunding campaign by completing the form. Check out this "How-To" Guide on setting up your campaign!

2. Create a short bio with your educational goals, upload a picture or video, and add your friend and family contacts.

3. Share your campaign on social media, via email or text message. Updates can be posted on your page to keep your supporters engaged and informed on your progress.

4. As your supporters make donations, we will distribute the funds you raised into your Eastern University student account.

Note for Athletes: If you are or will be an EU student-athlete for the 22-23 school year, you must follow NCAA policies in regards to crowdfunding- you may not crowdfund for tuition and you may not refer to the fact that you are a student-athlete in any way (verbally or visually).  Please notify Heidi Birtwistle, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, at hbirtwis@eastern.edu of your intent.  Fund An Eagle campaigns cannot be approved prior to notification.

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